Solution to Social Inequality

Solution to Social Inequality
In addition, the Government must also make policies that are outside the community itself. The design of government policies must focus on the following:
Government policy must emphasize the improvement / improvement of village infrastructure, especially in villages where geographical conditions are not favorable.
Access to education, information and free health care must be a priority for the government so that development acceleration can be realized effectively.
The government needs to provide capital assistance for rural communities so that they can have alternative livelihoods, not just rely on the agricultural sector. Capital assistance is certainly very helpful for the community because they can use it to set up a business. These alternative livelihoods can ultimately increase the economic income of the community, especially in rural communities whose land is arid and not promising.
Regarding the political will of the government, segregation or exclusion of rural communities in terms of ethnicity, ethnicity, religion, gender and the like must be abolished.
Some of the above solutions can certainly be an input for the government in making policies, especially related to improving village life standards to be better. Thus, villages that have been synonymous with underdevelopment can gradually experience rapid acceleration into more advanced villages.

Solution and Solution to Social Inequality
World is a large country and one of the countries that has many islands and is located far apart. Social inequality is very likely to occur in World because many remote areas are isolated from the crowd. And World is a country with a very high level of corruption. In the world, World is among the top 5 most corrupt countries. Actually, World is able to become a developed country and a country that is able to improve its people's welfare.
Because World has very rich and abundant natural resources, but why is there still a very striking social gap. This is a big question that needs an answer and a bright spot. In this case it is the task of the current government, how to improve the welfare of society and minimize social inequality. Many things can be done by the government to improve the welfare of the community and solving social inequalities that occur in society.

Efforts must be made by the government to solve the problem of social inequality that occurs in World:
Minimizing (KKN) and eradicating corruption in an effort to improve people's welfare. The government has formed an institution tasked with eradicating (KKN) in World. World has begun to improve itself but in a number of cases the KPK corruption case is still considered to be selective in cracking down on corruption. For example, the case of Century Bank has not found a bright spot and seems to end the case. The government must always improve itself because by minimizing (KKN) what happens is able to improve the welfare of the community with existing funds.
Improve the justice system in World and conduct strict supervision of the legal mafia.
In terms of education must take precedence.
Opening jobs so there is no unemployment.
Eradicate corruption so that no more corruption.
Improve a justice system in World and conduct close supervision of the judicial mafia. so that those who have power are not arbitrary with the people.
There are still many mafia law rampant in World that increasingly make social inequality in World more striking. The current justice is very difficult to enforce how not! A corrupt person is detained but all the facilities are fulfilled in the detention room. Meanwhile, what about the fate of a small community that only steals chickens, for example, they do as they please sometimes they torture with inhumanity. This really shows the social gap in World which is very striking between the rich or those who have the authority between the poor or the poor.